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Top Cryptocurrency Apps in 2021

Smartphones are now the leading investment tools for a significant section of the global population. With smartphone apps, you can invest in anything from shares to real estate to cryptocurrencies. For cryptocurrency exchanges, in particular, smartphones open a whole new avenue of trading and investing. Even in countries where crypto is illegal or unpopular, anyone can start investing with a VPN and an android smartphone. As we see more and more apps entering the market, it is good to separate the good from the bad. Some apps are not safe for investing in crypto, and others lack the necessary interface. The top 5 apps for cryptocurrency mentioned below tick almost every box.


Coinbase is the leading name in crypto apps. Everything about the app is satisfactory. All its features work well, and users will find it easy to use. However, it can be more expensive than some other options.


Ledger is a crypto wallet and one of the best of its kind. You can store all your cryptocurrency keys here, and not be worried about losing them or having them stolen.


Gemini actually makes it possible to spend your cryptocurrencies to buy material, tangible goods. Gemini is a respected name and has a clean track record.

Coin Metrics

If you are into researching cryptocurrencies, no app will serve you better than Coin Metrics. It has all the information you need for better investment knowledge.


Blockfolio gives a simple way of tracking your portfolio. Use it to be aware of where you are investing and how they are doing.

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