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Torii Finance has seen a dramatic climb since becoming public, with the company emphasizing the importance of putting the community first


Torii Finance is known for building innovative products. And their new governance token/ecosystem, TORII has had a successful launch as well. Minutes after their public listing, there was an exponential increase of 600% on Bitmart and PancakeSwap. Their worth increased from $80 to more than $700.

Thanks to their considerable global exposure, Torii Finance is now the YFI (Yearn Finance) of the Binance Smart Chain. Now, they are focusing their goals on ecosystem health instead of their technology proficiencies. They have taken themselves out of being a hardcore developer and are now community-centric category and not just growth0centric. However, through their’s nextgen staking architecture, they are still adamant to prove their capabilities.

Torii Finance is now working on delivering innovative products to the community that ensures that the network still experiences immense growth, regardless of the developmental or technical complexities or circumstances that might arise because of the new decentralized economy.

After a few hours of their public launch, the team at Torii Finance found an external trading bots network that was trying to front-run the trading network of their ecosystem. According to the team, these bots have been designed for front-running trading patterns and eating the growth and profits of their token’s economy. Even though this is not a technology problem or security concern for them, it surely slows down the price growth of the token, disabling its ability to reach new heights. They consider this to be an ecosystem and community challenge. The team of engineers at Torii Finance are working together to provide a timely and solid solution and come through on their promises.

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