Saturday, December 9, 2023

Tornado Cash, a contentious mixer, releases the UI source code.

Tornado Cash, a known player in the crypto arena has taken the unprecedented step of open sourcing its code for UI. According to the company’s developers, their mandate to fulfill transparency and decentralization factors is now complete.

TC’s UI which is classic is now a totally open-sourced code as of Thursday, July 7th. This was announced by the anonymous developer team in a blog post on Medium. As the UI for this protocol has been open and decentralized since 2020, this offers interested parties a chance to analyze the code. Interested parties can also put in requests to help improve the code.

In the software world, a pull request refers to the final step when new code and/or changes are ready to be merged into the main project repository. The good thing about open-source code is that it allows for developers anywhere in the world to look and modify code in the repository as needed.

Tornado Cash’s credo is decentralization. As far as the company is concerned, their DAO took the decentralization concept a step in the right direction – open-sourcing. A DAO is an organization which is managed by members and has no central leadership. It is a democratic organization, and this Dao was set in June/July 2020.

Tornado has been the focus of many DeFi exploits. Two important ones include the recent hack for Horizon Bridge tagged at $100 million and the wormhole attack, the price for which was $375b million. The current support by the protocol includes mixing 100 ETH (max) at one go. Tornado Cash also played a key role in the Axie Infinity hack which was valued at $600 million.

Tornado developers and its community have issued a statement telling people that they should not associate their protocol with unlawful activities. All digital tools can be used for malicious purposes.

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