Friday, December 8, 2023

Total thefts from BAYC exceed $18.5 million, and “Ape Now, Pay Later” loans are offered to NFTs.

A user of an analytics platform has uncovered some startling and disturbing information. Over $18.5 million NFTs issued for the MAYC and BAYC companies have been tagged as stolen and even for suspicious activities. This information was flagged on the OpenSea eco system. The Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Yacht Club are out of these funds for the present moment.

The number of missing NFTs are as follows – 286 NFTs for MAYC and 130 for BAYC. These are not the only NFTs which are tagged for suspicious activity – others include 70 for Moonbirds, 202 CloneX and 153 for Azuki. The total value of all of these NFT collections together add up to $25 million.

That said, Teller Finance, a DeFi platform has included a brand-new feature which lets users get access to it “buy it now and pay later” method. This new feature lets users buy their favorite NFTs. This feature has a new name – Ape Now, Pay Later and is built to work on the Polygon Network. Buyers can own whatever they want outright but pay for the NFTs over a period of time. Some of the NFTs that can be bought with this feature include all of the NFTs mentioned in the article andlong with Doodles, Meebits and many more.

In other news, Australia has launched a music fest for which tickets can be purchased using an NFT. This is the first ever music fest launched by Australia to use this technology to sell tickets. Limited edition tickets number 1111 will be available and buyers get access to the conventional festival as well as special features.

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