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Traders consider the possibility of ‘selling the news’ following the debut of the Bitcoin ETF


The cryptocurrency market already accounts for an uncertain fluctuation and lack of regulations. The introduction of bitcoin ETFs will be a very subjective approach for the initial stage. ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds) is another form of investment that are traded and are considered as one of the most valuable forms of financial instrument. You can also term the Exchange Traded Funds as a form of “basket of securities” which can be traded frequently in the financial market. The cryptocurrency traders and ETF industry is waiting for the debut of the long-awaited bitcoin futures.

Criticism in the industry of blockchain for ETFs

As per the reports, these Exchange Traded Funds will be open in the market until some regulation or order against the function of these ETFs knocks the doors. The order against these ETFs is expected to come as soon as these ETFs tap the market. These ETFs are expected to create a disruption in the market which is exciting and creating a frenzy in the market of cryptocurrency. However, these statements stand contradictory to the opinion of many financial analysts who expect the exposure of bitcoin with its arrival.

The positive approach for the ETFs

Criticism does play a very important role in forming the opinion of a financial market but no individual can ignore the advantages one carries with it. In spite of the expensive features of these funds, the investors in the market are ready to own these funds looking at their liquidity, execution and custody. Therefore, the debut in the market will bring many other perceptions by the investors.

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