Friday, December 8, 2023

Trezor crypto wallet users targeted in weekend phishing attack

Some users of the Trezor, a crypto hardware wallet, were targeted in a phishing attack over the weekend. The company confirmed that it was investigating a potential data breach of an opt-in newsletter, which is hosted on MailChimp. It warned users to avoid opening emails from “”.

Trezor wallet users, on Saturday, circulated warnings and screenshots of the phishing attempt. The phishing attack was an attempt to prompt users to download malicious code under the guise of Trezor’s Suite desktop app. Moreover, it alleged a fake security breach at Trezor.

Trezor in a post stated that MailChimp confirmed that its service has been compromised by an insider targeting crypto companies. The crypto hard wallet company managed to take the phishing domain offline. It’s trying to work out how many email addresses were affected. Trezor highlighted that it will no longer communicate via newsletters until the situation has been resolved.

Tomas Susanka, Trezor CTO, said they took steps to disable phishing sites. Trezor is taking further steps to stop the continuation of the phishing attack. Trezor said the device cannot be compromised or affected by the attack without explicitly typing the seed into the computer. It advised users to never enter the seed anywhere unless the Trezor device tells them to do so.

The company urged users not to open any emails appearing to come from Trezor until further notice. It told users to use anonymous email addresses for Bitcoin-related activity. Reports say that hackers deployed an internal tool to acquire information about 102 Mailchimp clients.

Following the breach, Trezor set a new PIN and urged users to download the latest version of Trezor Suite and follow the instructions to set up a new PIN for their wallet.

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