Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Trezor partners with Wasabi for CoinJoin mixing on hardware wallets.

Trezor is working with privacy project Wasabi to bring CoinJoin mixing to Bitcoin transactions on its hardware wallets. It wants to enable users to use CoinJoin on their Trezor devices for greater transaction privacy beginning in 2023.

Rafe, a Wasabi Wallet contributor, says the goal is for Trezor Suite users to be able to send private coins directly from their hardware wallets. He said users will be able to join the zkSNACKs WabiSabi CoinJoin rounds with their hardware wallet in the Trezor Suite application. Rafe highlighted that WabiSabi is a new CoinJoin protocol. Trezor is integrating because this is the most advanced CoinJoin protocol out there.

Karo Zagorus, head of community and reputation management at zkSNACKs, said the partnership was formed out of talks that began in 2019 and reflected a phenomenal achievement. Experts say crypto privacy is more important than ever because government surveillance is increasing and financial transactions could be eventually used to closely monitor what citizens do.

As such, Trezor is working tirelessly on tools that make Bitcoin the biggest digital asset more private. BTC, contrary to popular belief, is easily traceable and as such not inherently anonymous. It should be noted that coin mixers have come into the limelight ever since the US government sanctioned Tornado Cash last month. The US Treasury Department banned Americans from using the coin mixer because it claimed criminals had used it to launder illegal funds.

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