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Tron sees Trillion-Dollar Opportunity in Metaverse at European Blockchain Convention 2022.

The heart of Web3 – the metaverse – is part of the next iteration of the internet which promises to upend everything. The next few years will have our work, play, socialize and invest in this all-encompassing ecosystem whether it is attending a professional conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, shopping for a new designer handbag for our digital avatar, or hulking through New York City with the Hulk!

This brings us to the metaverse which will usher in a whole new level of experience. The European Blockchain Convention 2022 held in Barcelona in June had a session on the Metaverse: a $1 trillion revenue opportunity. It featured Laurent Perello, Tron DAO Advisor and Business Developer.

Developed in 2017, Tron is striving to reshape the entertainment industry by providing full ownership rights to digital content creators. It believes that inequality in the entertainment world has been on the rise. As such, Tron developed an apt solution to give creators the opportunity of being directly rewarded with tokens.

Tron Creates Waves

Tron has the potential to dominate the metaverse in the fourth quarter of 2022. It has been attracting developers and investors with its high TPS, security, and affordability since its inception. Tron has emerged as one of the largest public chains in the world, as well as a frontrunner in popular segments such as DeFi, GameFi, NFT, stablecoin, and the cross-chain solution.

The TRON network, as per statistics for Q2 2022, exceeded 95 million with the value of on-chain assets once over $54.4 billion. In May, TRON DAO Reserve issued a new over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin called USDD.

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