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Turkish president directed metaverse forum be organized by the ruling party.

With the launch by Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse has become a reality for everyone. There are creators who are playing, partying, and even working in the metaverse. Likewise, there are conglomerates buying land, setting up stores and whatnot in this virtual reality.

Many companies have come up with their own version of the metaverse, and many esteemed names are jumping in. After covering the domains of shopping, gaming, relaxation, etc. – it is time for policy development now.

Ruling Party Exploration of Metaverse

The ruling party of Turkey has come up with an idea to explore the metaverse for better policy and governance. The technology behind cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse is quite compelling and spreads like wildfire. The president of Turkey, Mr. Erdogan, and the members of his ruling party have decided to research further about the metaverse. This is in relation to taking policy development and implementation to the next level.

Status of Metaverse in Turkey

There is also a noted trend that many virtual properties in the metaverse are sold out already. This acts as a catalyst for the governance to retrospect and plan accordingly for the future. The team even took a step forward. As per reports, they recently met in the metaverse to discuss the same. They are actively searching for the role of this technology, how transactions move, and the potential.

This all seems a bit odd, following the old comment of the president that he declares war on cryptocurrency. He had implied that Turkey would not entertain cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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