Thursday, July 25, 2024

Twitter has announced the formation of a cryptocurrency team to concentrate on dApps and NFTs

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has always been vocal in support of cryptocurrencies. Now to further his vision of global crypto adoption, Twitter is working on a special team to work on decentralized apps and non-fungible tokens. Coming from a tech giant, this is big news across crypto circuits. Many people are hopeful of a positive outcome from these initiatives. In the past, Twitter had made it possible to reward content creators in cryptocurrency. The shift to Dapps and NFTs seems to be a natural progression. Tess Rinearson is one of the leading blockchain engineers to recently join Twitter. Apart from her, they are bringing together a team of experts to have an edge over other platforms working with crypto.

Cryptocurrency has had a long-standing relationship with social media platforms. From Facebook to Twitter to Reddit, all social media giants have shown interest in cryptocurrency. While Reddit’s plans are still in the speculative phase, the case is not so with Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is also making steady progress towards its cryptocurrency wallet despite regulatory pressure. Twitter, on the other hand, is doing the best job in this field. Unlike Facebook, they do not have a track history of data comprise or privacy breaches. Similarly, their crypto products have not raised eyebrows at the official levels. Out of all the social media platforms working with blockchain and cryptocurrency, Twitter shows the most promise. If their recent plan turns out to be a success, they will establish themselves as a leading player in the crypto and blockchain sector.

Cryptured Team
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