Sunday, December 10, 2023

The UAE is the first country in the Middle East to issue NFT stamps

NFTs have officially entered the Middle East, and it is predictably through the United Arab Emirates. The UAE has been open to technological innovations and infrastructures unlike many other middle eastern countries and has the stability and economic power to back on it. Now the Emirates Postal Group has come up with digital collectible NFT stamps to celebrate the 50th national Day of the United Arab Emirates. EPG is not only the first country in the Middle East to introduce NFT stamps but also the first among every middle eastern and North American Countries. According to the latest reports, four NFT stamps will be launched. Users can access the NFT by scanning the QR code in the stamp.

NFTs have taken the world by storm, and in the next few years, they will reach every corner of the world. Even developing countries are openly accepting NFTs, and they usually do not have the fear that’s associated with cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, people see them as digital art. Though such simplification reduces the true merit of NFTs, it helps with general acceptance and adoption.

Experts believe that the continents of Asia and Africa will play a huge role in the future of NFTs. With regulatory pressures mounting in the United States of America, it will be even more necessary to continue the growth of NFTs. UAE’s NFT collectible stamps are a short step in this direction, and hopefully, many others will follow.

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