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Ubisoft’s latest NFT project video has a 96 percent unfavorable rating

Present trends in the global NFT community suggest that people are not taking big corporate entry into the market in a good spirit. Ubisoft’s latest NFT project video is glaring evidence of that. Ubisoft is a known name in the gaming community. Ubisoft, however, is a corporate entity in all senses of the word. None of their extant games introduced the play-to-earn model. On the contrary, players generally need to pay a heavy amount to buy Ubisoft games.

According to the latest Ubisoft video, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be the first game from their studio to integrate NFTs and Blockchain. Ubisoft aims to introduce NFTs and Blockchain to their gaming platform via their pilot platform Quartz.

Gamers, however, did not seem to appreciate these new moves from Ubisoft. The video has over 37,000 dislikes and less than 1400 likes. The top comment has more likes than the video itself. Interestingly enough, the top comment speaks about how Ubisoft is trying to deceive customers to make more and more money. After the YouTube debacle, many gamers took to Twitter to express their displeasure. Ubisoft might consider rolling back the update after such widespread negative feedback.

Blockchain-based gaming has transformed the way we think about video games. At the same time, members of the community do not want external interference in the community, especially from big corporates. Blockchain-based games are taking the world by storm and creating a positive change in many lives. Ubisoft, however, might have to delay or cancel its Blockchain-based ventures

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