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UFC champion Francis Ngannou to receive his fight night pay in Bitcoin

Athletes and sports stars continue to receive payments in Bitcoin. The trend that started with NFL and NBA stars has extended to other sports and other parts of the world. Now it is in many athletes’ personal financial goals to receive a portion of their paycheck in Bitcoin. The most recent addition to this list is UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou, known for his explosive power and one-punch knockouts, will be the first UFC star to receive a part of his fight night purse in Bitcoin. It is interesting to note that Ngannou recently came into conflict with UFC president Dana White over UFC fighter pay issues. UFC as a company is notorious for its low fighter pay. They are given an abysmal share of the PPV buys and the minimum fight night wage is very low compared to other high-level sports.

Ngannou has partnered with the Cash app to receive his payment. He tweeted about the same, saying that he is a firm believer in the future of Bitcoin. He spoke about his conviction that Bitcoin can empower people for the greater good of society. By receiving his fight nurse in Bitcoin, he seeks to set an example for other UFC athletes.

One of the main reasons behind receiving payment in Bitcoin is the inflationary condition in the world and the United States in particular. Athletes hope to preserve significant amounts of their wealth for their retirement. Many UFC athletes are now expected to follow in Ngannou’s footsteps.

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