Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ukraine accepts DOT, and Gavin Wood, the company’s founder, donates $5.8 million.

Ukraine has been finding new ways to fend off Russia and crypto has come to their rescue. The government has set up crypto wallets into which anyone from all over the world can donate.

Since the inception of these wallets, they have now also started accepting DOT(Polkadot). Gavin Wood, the founder of DOT, donated almost $5.8 million to Ukraine. With the world supporting their resistance against the Russian takeover, these new-age DeFi tech come in handy for a new kind of resistance.

The fast and secure transactions make sure that the people get the help that they need in almost an instant. These digital assets show how much more efficient they are instead of the traditional ways that have been used till now.

Ukraine got support from the international community in record time as the cryptocurrency does not have to go through regulatory bodies. The money is now being used so that the people have access to the basic necessities even in war times.

With crypto aiding humane efforts it is clear how it is the global currency of the future. Even in the most turbulent of times, crypto has been at the forefront of humanitarian operations. It is an easily transferable crypto asset that can come in handy at any point in time. Also since its value is held online it is a great option for wealth transfer.

You can easily take crypto from one country to the other with just your mobile phone.

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Cryptured Team
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