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Ukraine has become a member of the European Blockchain Partnership as an observer.

Ukraine has become a member of the European Blockchain Partnership as an observer.

With the war still raging on in Ukraine, they have been given the status of observer in the European Blockchain Partnership. This was done to help the implementation of the blockchain by the Ukrainian government.

The letters from the Ukrainian government were received in March of 2022 and since then EU lawmakers have been discussing its status. The EU-based blockchain system is one of the most prolific blockchains in the world. And the general acceptance of crypto in the EU means that there is still room for growth.

The integration of Ukraine into the partnership will help strengthen the joint work that the blockchain needs. This way Ukraine will also be able to get recognition for its higher education degrees. This is a novel way to aid Ukraine by legitimising its position in the EU. With many of the refugees fleeing the country from Russia’s onslaught.

The online meeting of the EBP concluded that there will promote a highly efficient regulatory environment that will also include visual assets in the future.

With crypto aiding the war-torn Ukraine, it is gaining importance and its practical application is being shown to the world. If you have been thinking about investing in cryptos and NFTs, this is the best time to do so.

Crypto is now aiding everything from grocery shopping to wartime efforts and has shown that it is a versatile financial aid. Add some crypto to your portfolio and reap its benefits in the future.



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