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Unigrid attends the Dubai Crypto Expo Event 2022

Unigrid is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. It is a load-balanced network that is resistant to eavesdropping and completely anonymous. Recently, the platform attended the Crypto Expo 2022 Event, held in Dubai.

Unigrid’s segmented design features data striping, sharding, and parity blocks, further creating a network that protects against data loss and service disruption. Moreover, any user can contribute resources to the blockchain-based network by hosting a grid node that is a service node, supplying bandwidth and computing storage space and cycles.

What is Unigrid about?

Back in 2018, a few members from the Interstellar Holdings community and Evan Green stepped in to aid and save the failed and abandoned cryptocurrency project. During that time, the idea was to create a decentralized charity platform called Huzu. In light of that, a blockchain-based on PiVX project was developed, allowing token holders of Interstellar Holdings to shift their balance onto this new blockchain.

Later that year, Adam Waldenberg worked on the project and helped to fix some small issues in the codebase. While working on the data storage solutions needed for the Huzu blockchain, the idea for Unigrid and a decentralized Internet emerged somewhere in 2019. Following this, post further development, the blockchain was forked away from the Huzu chain, allowing the team to take Unigrid in a new direction, independent of Huzu.

The team has bootstrapped the project for the past two years with no external funding or governance tokens sales. It was only last year that the funding decision was taken to support this project and give it a fighting chance.

Currently, Unigrid is presenting its technical white paper to accredited investors and firms. With the recent growth of the platform’s team, the foundation is preparing for the future. Moreover, Unigrid promotes a decentralized Internet with no geographical limitations or boundaries.

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