Monday, December 4, 2023

The United States continues to dominate the Bitcoin mining industry, according to 30-day statistics. Foundry USA is ranked first in the pool.

According to data, 35.4% of the hashrate worldwide is in the US. This amounts to 66.22 exahash/second (EH/s). Further, the data also shows that a large part of the BTC hash rate is also present in the US.

BTC Mining – Current Status

In comparison, Canada accounts for 17.87 EH/s. This amounts to 9.55% of the global hash rate. Together, these two countries account for 44.95% of the world’s hash rate.

There are several operators with pools in the US. The better-known operators being Binance, BTC, Poolin, SBI Crypto, Slushpool, Foundry USA. Also included are Viabtc and Antpool. These eight pools together are also the largest mining pools in the world. Data reveals that Foundry USA occupied the lead with 16.87% of the hash rate. This was for the most recent 30-day period.

Mining Pools

Just behind Foundry USA was placed Antopol. Antopol has 14.72 % of the BTC hash rate. F2Pool, Binance Pool, and Poolin occupied the third, fourth, and fifth positions with 14.72%, 11.55%, and 11.42 % of the hash rate, respectively.

An examination of the available mining maps shows that F2Pool has operations in Florida and California – in Virginia, Colorado, and Washington. Oregon hosts SBI Crypto and Ohio hosts Foundry, USA. Colorado also hosts Slushpool USA. It additionally has pooled in California and New Jersey and Antopol has it in Texas. The minor BTC mining firms have joint operations with the larger pools.

Besides the US pools, many of these firms have offshore operations as well. SBI crypto in Germany, Okex in Hong Kong, etc, to name a couple.

The price of BTC fell sharply last week. Mining has also become difficult. However, the mining pace remains high. In fact, Foundry, USA, has increased its hashrate share during this period to 22.76%.

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