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In 2022, an analyst predicts that the United States will embrace cryptocurrency iropth per regulation

Cryptocurrency regulations continue to be a problem in many parts of the world, the United States of America being one of the most conflicted countries. However, the crypto community in the country is finally hoping for an amicable solution to the conflict between cryptocurrency firms and regulators. It began with a congress meeting with leading crypto entrepreneurs and experts. It was one of the few times when experts got a chance to directly talk about their issues to the Senate. As a result, policymakers are now becoming more aware than ever of cryptocurrencies.

Analyst Mike McGlone from Bloomberg recently claimed that 2022 will be a good year for crypto ventures since regulation will finally reach a mature stage. It would accommodate for the problems that firms currently face while effectively tackling crypto-related crimes. Another factor to play an important role would be growing inflation in the United States. Cryptocurrency has the potential to be a hedge against inflation for both retail investors and institutional investors. As a result, more people will lean towards cryptocurrency – a trend that has already begun. With falling prices of gold, Bitcoin has the potential to be the next standard of a reserve asset.

With the incorporation of blockchain into different sectors, the government will also feel the need to incentivize the development of this technology. Crypto regulations in the United States might finally reach a stable and mature stage in 2022, according to McGlone and other analysts.

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