Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Universal token to fully connect the metaverse for gamers.

The universal token is set to fully connect the metaverse meaning that gamers will need one single token across all platforms. It will enable players to move seamlessly between virtual worlds.

Pocketful of Quarters is making this happen. The blockchain gaming outfit has been granted a patent for the innovative new way to move assets across different games. It’s called a “Zero-Click” transfer. Users can play games with in-game tokens, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. There is no need to use hardware wallets, browser extensions, and other complex Web3 experiences, etc.

Quarters, the first interoperable game token on the blockchain, can be used across more than 100 games and platforms. It is a game-agnostic and platform-agnostic digital currency, which empowers players to seamlessly move tokens and assets between games.

Michael Weiksner, the co-founder and CEO of POQ, highlighted that players want the metaverse to be fun, safe, and interoperable. But today’s video games are fragmented and millions of incompatible virtual currencies are giving them a bad experience.

It’s different with Zero-Click. Gamers can use and earn game tokens, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies with participating games, but they don’t have to go through separate paywalls. Moreover, the gamers don’t have to buy separate premium game tokens in each game.

Weiksner said they are always looking for new and innovative ways to make video games better for players. He highlighted that Zero-Click makes playing games easy, seamless, and hassle-free. With the universal token, gamers will be empowered with a premium game token that is interoperable and compliant. Quarters give more flexibility to developers over how they build, distribute, monetize, and cross-market games. It ultimately empowers them to create rich, new multiplayer experiences without losing creative and economic control to publishers.

Overall, the company allows investors to participate in revenue through the sale of the tokens. It also gives players, influencers, developers, and investors the ability to help govern the new Quarters multiverse.

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