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Unveiling LNbits: A Gateway to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

LNbits is a burgeoning open-source platform designed to interact with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, providing a suite of tools and extensions to streamline and extend Lightning Network capabilities. Built atop a Python server, LNbits serves as a wallet and accounts system that sits atop any funding source, mitigating risks associated with exposing applications to full balances through unique API keys for each wallet. The platform is revered not only as an extendable framework for exploring Lightning Network functionalities but also as an integral component of a development stack via its robust API, a fallback wallet for the LNURL scheme, and an instant wallet for Lightning Network demonstrations.

Core Features:

1. Multi-User and Account System:
LNbits fosters the creation and management of multiple accounts or sub-wallets, making it a perfect tool for individuals or businesses to record payments separately for different applications or users. This feature is pivotal for managing Lightning credits in a structured and organized manner, which is critical in business scenarios where precise accounting and management of funds are paramount.

2. Extensible Platform:
The LNbits platform is renowned for its extensibility, offering dozens of extensions created by a vibrant community of contributors. These extensions range from faucets, paylinks, shareable points-of-sale, paywalls, and event tickets to dice games, server services, and a shareable jukebox, among many others. This extensibility empowers users to not only explore the capabilities of the Lightning Network but also to build and share their own extensions, fostering a community of innovation and collaboration.

3. Comprehensive API:
The simplicity and effectiveness of the LNbits API cannot be overstated. It is designed to connect to multiple nodes and funding sources seamlessly, thus serving as a cornerstone for developers to build and integrate Lightning Network functionalities into their applications.

4. Instant Browser Accessibility:
LNbits can be used instantly and directly in a browser on both desktop and mobile platforms without the need for downloading any applications. This ease of access enhances user experience and lowers the entry barrier for individuals exploring the Lightning Network.

Technological Backbone:

LNbits is engineered using modern and efficient technologies. The front end is sculpted using Quasar & VueJS, while the backend is powered by FastAPI, a modern high-performance Python API framework, ensuring a responsive and robust platform.

Business Use Case:

A small restaurant or a hotel, for instance, can leverage LNbits to accept Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network. The platform supports swapping Lightning BTC to a BTC address, courtesy of its integrated swap extensions, Boltz and Deezy. This feature is invaluable for merchants receiving BTC payments through Lightning Network, enabling them to move the received satoshis from LN channels into on-chain wallets effortlessly.

Getting Started:

Individuals or developers interested in LNbits can easily delve into its functionalities by utilizing the system operated by LNbits at or by running the LNbits system on their own server. There are ample resources available, including documentation on GitHub, videos on the Coincharge YouTube channel, and a plethora of information on the LNbits official website and the LNbits community on Telegram for anyone keen on exploring or contributing to the LNbits ecosystem.


LNbits is more than just a wallet and account system; it’s a gateway to the expansive functionalities offered by the Lightning Network. Its user-friendly design, coupled with a plethora of extensions and a supportive community, makes it an exciting platform for anyone looking to explore or leverage the Lightning Network’s capabilities. Whether you are a merchant, a developer, or an enthusiast, LNbits provides the tools and community to explore, learn, and innovate on the Lightning Network.

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