Wednesday, November 29, 2023

US Crypto Investors Keen To Acquire English Football Club Through NFTs

A group of crypto investors, WAGMI United, in the US is in negotiations to acquire an English Football League Club using NFTs. Businessman Gary Vaynerchuk, TikTok personality Bryce Hall and Philadelphia 76ers President Daryl Morey are in this group.

Eben Smith, WAGMI United co-founder, told The Washington Post that they to make NFTs a cornerstone of the organizational blueprint. As such, it will build a vibrant and financially invested digital community. Smith said they are going to try a bunch of unconventional stuff. “But it will be pretty much led by the numbers from an analytical perspective.”

Once the deal is final, the enthusiastic investors say it will incorporate a cutting-edge and crypto-centric approach to running the club. Morey said he has always been on the lookout for new approaches that can change the game and give an edge to the teams. He believes the world of English Football needs new technologies and fresh thinking. Moray said WAGMI United would lead a revolution for the benefit of sports franchises in the long run.

Vaynerchuk wants to use Web3 tech for sports franchises. NFTs, he said, have an exceptional power for the people and build dynamic, passionate communities. Vaynerchuk feels this promotes creativity and collectively tells incredible stories. He added that even if they do not get the chance to purchase the football club, WAGMI United will stay true to the community.”

Stefan Rupp, chairman of Bradford City – a League Two club, confirmed receiving an offer from the group. “I received an email from a representative of the WAGMI United group with an offer to purchase Bradford City AFC. That is all I have received, nothing more, and no further action has taken place.” Rupp also brushed off media reports that a change of Bradford City’s ownership is imminent. “I can confirm it is not.”

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