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Upon testing USD 45K, Bitcoin’s gains are retraced, while Ethereum returns to USD 3K.


Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has already tested the major resistance level of $45,000. Ethereum (ETH) has been struggling to gain and go above $3150.

The bitcoin price crossed the $43,500 level, breaking away from the recent bearish market sentiment. It broke the $44,000 resistance level and at a time even touched $45,000. The bulls are active and the BTC price is expected to hover between $43,500 and $44,000.

BTC is not the only one to gain strength. ETH spiked to $3175 before coming down to $3100. XRP has been trying to settle above $1, while ADA is likely to increase above $2.35.

Bitcoin Price

After crossing $43,500, its price came close to $44,000. It tested the next milestone of $45,000. The bears became active when it was nearing $45,000, resulting in a downward correction. Soon it received some support and stayed at $44,000. It is likely to keep getting support and stay near $45,500. Below this price, it can struggle in the coming trading sessions.

The next hurdle for it remains $45,000 level. After that, the next major resistance point will be $46,200.

Ethereum Price

There has been no upward trend after it cleared the $3150 level. It couldn’t touch the $3200 resistance level and corrected it to come down. Trading remained below the $3100 level and supported it at $3025. It is expected to retain its position at $3000.

Most altcoins like REN, NEAR, XTZ, GRT, QNT, SHIB and COMP have been showing an upward trend with 5% gain.

BTC is expected to trade above $44,000 and remain in this positive zone. The crypto market analysis shows the current market cap for crypto hovers around $2 trillion.

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