Sunday, May 19, 2024

Users Believe Metaverse Will Reshape their Social Life and Interactions: Survey.

CoinWire, in its new survey, established that user sentiment towards the metaverse has digital reality poised to influence all areas of social life. It said 69% of respondents believe that the metaverse will reshape their social lifestyle with a new approach to entertainment. 65% said the metaverse is inclined towards social activities.

The survey found that business and education were also high at 61.2%, 49.6%, and 45% respectively. Microsoft over the last five years secured 158 metaverse-related patents. The Windows giant is a step in front of big tech firms like Tencent, Meta, and Epic Games.

CoinWire believes the metaverse can potentially impact social life in a more tangible manner. It gave examples of new metaverse features like touch and smell – recently revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. The survey shared that over half the respondents, that is 53%, own a form of cryptocurrency. It stated that the United States comes in the top spot for metaverse innovation, with China and India showing positive sentiment toward daily metaverse use.

Moreover, 52% are uncertain about Web3. They are confused about what Web3 actually entails. Investors also highlighted the need for more regulations. Overall, Web3 including the metaverse remains high on the priority list for many countries.

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