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Users benefit from total value of blockchain technology through cross-chain roaming.


When blockchain technology was first conceived and became reality, the vision was to offer a comprehensive solution. This solution would help people carry out transactions on one chain and accomplish their tasks.

The reality has been quite different and new protocols are being introduced every day. These protocols try to deal with issues such as scalability and how to tackle specific use cases. How is the issue of parallel growth but no unified solution being tackled? With a cross-chain accessibility solution. This process helps by letting two individual blockchains to interact, exchange assets and make interoperability possible.

The issue is that most of the available solutions are complicated. Users cannot take advantage of the offered functionalities due to multiple restrictions. These restrictions include limit on the number of transactions and the steps involved in transferring assets. The process takes time which frustrates the end user.

To help change this issue, Chainge Finance has devised a solution. Chainge operates in the DeFi arena and has introduced a roaming feature. This feature makes it easy to move assets across different blockchain platforms. Regardless of which sphere the assets are held in, moving them is now very easy. To date, Chainge has integrated 16 chains and 85 assets from Tether and BTC. Users now get maximum value from these combined solution.

Chainge’s roaming solution is fast and simple. This new technology supports common operations and makes swaps on a DEX easily. All of these transactions can be done using a simple app. Chainge’s solution has been adopted by 450,000 users so far. The company plans to add 20 more chains by Q3 of 2022 and up the number of assets to 500.

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