Sunday, December 3, 2023

Users’ email addresses are massively exposed due to the OpenSea data breach.

Data breach incidents have become very common in the 21st century. In addition, each country is moving toward the goal of becoming a tech-savvy economy. Similarly, the Financial sector is coming with different investment options. For example, NFTs.

OpenSea is among the world’s largest markets place of investment for NFTs i.e., Non-Fungible Tokens. Recently, OpenSea was found issuing their customer data breach alert. An employee working under misused his access to leak the email addresses of hundreds of people.

Details about the incidents:

  • is an online platform that manages campaigns and newsletters.
  • There are chances of phishing attempts as the third party has access to the emails.
  • However, the OpenSea incident is not going to invite major data infringements as reported by the officials of the organization.

What are the options to prevent such incidents?

It is difficult to keep a set of personal information secure in the 21st century. According to the sources, more than a million people have made at least 1 purchase with OpenSea. Also, it exposes a huge number of people’s data. Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident to look for the person behind the data breach.

As the world progresses towards tech-savvy techniques to manage data, similar incidents are bound to occur. However, it is in the platform’s or organization’s hands to take effective measures to secure their customer’s data. For example, maintaining top-notch confidentiality within the organization.

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