Sunday, December 3, 2023

Myanmar’s military government has proposed that users of digital currency and VPNs be imprisoned.

Myanmar has been run by the military of the country and its latest anti-media efforts have suggested jailing all VPN and digital currency users. They have been curtailing people’s freedom and plan to enact these laws soon too.

The violators will not only face jail time but a hefty fine too. The fine amounts to $2,800 when converted from the local currency. The five million Myanmar Kyats have a minimum jail time of 6 months too. They have also suggested that VPN and internet-related laws will be changed so that the military has greater access to people’s information.

The new law will be discussed on Jan 28 but has already come under heavy fire by many people. Alp Toker of Netblocks is already at loggerheads with the military, saying that government intervention should be avoided at all costs.

Toker said that VPNs are the reason why people from their countries were able to contact the people outside. In Feb 2021, the military banned all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Toker says that if the military enacts these laws, it could backfire for the government. Myanmar has a long history of internal turmoil and the military seizing control after a democratic election has only been another blight on a tainted record.

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