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Users will be able to interact with an AI-powered “robo advisor” through BlockBank’s DeFi application


BlockBank, a well-known platform for mobile banking, has announced that it will launch its web-based and mobile app by this year-end. This platform integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The new app will help investors and traders make well-informed trading decisions in the crypto world.

This innovative integration will have an AI-driven Robo Advisor along with a tiered rewards program that would yield up to 20-percent APY. It is expected that this Robo Advisor will cut down the time that the investors and traders have to spend on researching the market. It will also facilitate automated portfolio creation, order management, execution, and more. It will enable easier trading decisions, which are reliable across several crypto markets, including several ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin. BlockBank also has a native token called BBANK for enabling transactions on several platforms.

With this launch, the aim of BlockBank is to make sure that everybody has the required resources and tools to confidently step into the crypto world without hurdles. The new Robo Advisor will guide all kinds of users, including beginners and market experts, through their De-Fi journey.

The mobile banking platform will continue building on the functionalities and capabilities of the Robo Advisor. It will begin as a source of knowledge and give customers a personalized experience on BlockBank. Gradually, the Robo Advisor will learn and grow with users to comprehend their risk profiles and habits to come up with actionable insights.

Users can download the BlockBank app in both the Android and Apply Play Store.

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