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Valuart and ApeNFT complete the 1st Vanity Fair NFT Cover drops.

Both Valuart as well as ApeNFT finished their first cover drops of NFT for Vanity Fair. This happened on the 23rd of May, 2022. Their collection consisted of four NFTs that were 1:1. They also ran a 1000-mint belonging to a 2022 release. This makes this a real collaboration as well as a crossover between the worlds of art, entertainment, as well as the industry of cryptocurrency.

There were four NFTs that found themselves auctioned on the marketplace of ApeNFT, on Monday, May 23rd. The starting bid for the NFT was roughly 1500 TRX. This translates to around $120.

Four NFTs Sold

The first NFT that was sold, got a price of nearly $25,420. Then, another sold for around $25,420. The third sold for $26,476, while the fourth sold for $24,599. There was another NFT, that was created by ValuArt. This was for sale at a fixed price of around $80.

Around May 31st, this fifth NFT was still available for sale. The four NFTs that were sold were designed by talented top artists. These artists were selected by Valuart as well as Vanity Fair. This was done to support the growth of crypto art and NFTs.

The collection was carefully curated by Valuart. They looked for artists that truly respected the growth of the movement associated with crypto art. They also worked closely with Vanity Fair. This was in order to ensure that the artworks made had a real presence on the digital cover of the Vanity Fair magazine.

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