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Venture capital for crypto is rising exponentially

In 2021, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been on everyone’s minds. More than ever, it’s the venture capitalists who are placing big bets on crypto startups this year. Overall, the total global investment towards crypto startups for the year has surpassed the sum of investments made over the last ten years combined.

Most of these investments come from the venture capital segments of big crypto companies, as they are the most in need for the ecosystem to expand and thereby facilitate growth.

Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, has their own investment arm called Coinbase Ventures. They are focused on backing companies that not only provide certain crypto services but also those involved in technological infrastructure. Their investments have so far gone into Solana, which is a blockchain technology network, BlockFi, which offers financial services in crypto, DeFi projects, the digital economy, and more.

The many crypto venture companies that have established themselves today are interconnected in one way or another. In the crypto sphere alone, they’re able to place bets in a variety of categories, and become invested in each other’s success.

Right now, companies like Coinbase believe that blockchain technology – which is an essential database system for crypto – will help the internet evolve by a great magnitude. Many believe that the most promising startups of the future will be built on a decentralized internet, eventually displacing today’s gatekeepers of the tech industry.

Considering the massive deals that have been made in the crypto space this year, there’s no doubt that a lot of money will be invested towards the same in the near future

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