Thursday, May 23, 2024

ViaBTC Auctions Off Unique Bitcoin Minted After Halving for $2.13 Million.

The “epic” satoshi that was contained in the first block generated by ViaBTC, the mining pool that mined Bitcoin after its halving on April 20, was sold for 33.3 BTC ($2.13 million).

Sat # 1,968,750,000,000,000, the well-known “epic satoshi” of the fourth halving block, brought in a price of 33.3 bitcoins on Thursday afternoon Eastern Standard Time, which is slightly more than $2.13 million. The price at which this satoshi, the smallest unit of currency in Bitcoin, was traded exceeded an incredible 338 billion percent.

“Epic Satoshi” of Block 840,000 Breaks Records with a $2.13M Sale

A division of the Viabtc Group, Coinex, sold the “epic satoshi” from block 840,000, also referred to as the halving block, on April 25, 2024. The rare satoshi, which is the first satoshi linked to the halved block reward, is one of just four “epic satoshis” ever produced.

The first bid was initially established at 1 BTC by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinex; the next day, it was raised to 2 BTC. Subsequently, other bids have been received, and as of Thursday morning, the artefact had attracted a bid above 10 BTC. The bidding war intensified over the course of the previous few hours, culminating around 12 p.m. Eastern Time at a value of 33.3 BTC, or roughly $2,134,452.

Given that uncommon satoshis are only exchanged on a select few non-fungible token (NFT) platforms, this satoshi is the most expensive satoshi ever sold. The “epic sat” experienced a premium of 338,801,904,661% at 33.3 BTC above the real value of a common satoshi, which is $0.00063.

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