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Virtual Currencies Environment CoinsPaid Exhibited at the Crypto Expo Event in Dubai

Coinspaid is a virtual currencies environment that makes it fun and easy for businesses as well as end-users to use virtual currencies: wallet apps, payment gateways, SaaS, and much more., its B2B processing business, permits merchants to take cryptocurrency payments on their webpages, convert them to traditional fiat currencies, and afterward transfer the funds to a bank account. This company has also recently attended the Crypto Expo Event in Dubai.

More than 30 cryptocurrencies are supported by the service, including BTC, DOGE, ETH, USD, LTC, and many others. CoinsPaid’s clients can acquire cryptocurrencies for fiat, for instance, to reconcile with partners, in parallel to taking crypto from consumers. Clients can also use the platform’s in-app purchases to set up payments to numerous addresses including counterparties with one click.

Withdrawal effects to a bank account are accessible in six major exchange rates: the US dollar, the euro, the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Japanese yen, and the British pound. Withdrawal effects to a bank account are accessible in six major currencies: the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro, the Australian dollar, and the British pound.

The following are the most important details regarding CoinsPaid’s Crypto Processing | Its perks and advantages.

1. Fees for processing.

The fees for cryptoprocessing may differ depending on the client. The following are the current regular fees: 0.8 percent of any cryptocurrency fee paid without conversion to fiat as well as 1.5 percent of any cryptocurrency payment converted to fiat and withdrawn to the client’s bank account (the minimum transaction fee is 0.5 EUR). When you use CoinsPaid’s utility token CPD, you can get up to a 50percentage discount on your commissions.

2. Conversion to a variety of fiat currencies is instantaneous.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, merchants who use CoinsPaid’s Crypto processing are not protected from exchange rate risks. Revenue can be promptly converted but also transferred to a bank account that is already denominated in fiat currency. This is also more practical in terms of accounting and reporting.

3. There have been two successful security audits.

CoinsPaid was examined by Kaspersky Labs in 2020, and no security flaws were discovered. CoinsPaid is the only crypto payment system with two audit reports from major security firms since 10Guards followed up on this audit.

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