Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Virtue Gaming launches play-to-earn digital poker online casino in US

Decentralized online poker platform – Virtue Gaming launched the first of its kind real-time digital poker casino in the US on Friday. The platform is powered by Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

It offers gamers 500 digital participant factors or VPP, priced about USD 147.37, but it will be totally free upon signup. So those who meet the minimal playtime necessities by way of money, video games, and tournaments can cash out their VPP for USDT.

Gamers can compete with fellow gamers who switch VPP, Ether, or different cryptos into Advantage Gaming’s locked sidechain good contracts to stake within the sport. Additionally, the platform has peer-to-peer encrypted shuffling for all decks.

Blockchain gives online casinos an edge.

With the advent of blockchain technology, many online casinos have adopted it to process payments or run smart contracts. Online casinos still rely on precisely calculated return-to-player formulas to ensure they make money. Experts believe true blockchain casinos keep an immutable record of every bet, roulette spin, and randomly generated number. Moreover, the plus side of deploying blockchain technology in an online casino is that there is ‘no cheating.’

In fact, blockchain with its transparency disrupts and revolutionizes the online gambling industry. Filip Poutintsev, CMO,, believes blockchain can actually solve issues quite easily. “Blockchain will store records of all games and bets, their results, and the amounts that were won and paid out. Players can always access the transaction history to confirm that the system paid out all that was due and that the odds were not rigged.”

Moreover, there are low fees and easy cross-border payments or transactions to its advantage. Gamers playing online casinos will enjoy being independent of banks and legal gambling.

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