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Visa’s Program for Promoting NFT Artists


Visa, one of the biggest multinational financial services corporations in America, is partnering with artist Micah Johnson to build a program that will support artists through the creation of NFTs (Non-Fungible tokens). Micah Johnson is the former outfielder and second baseman for the White Sox, Braves, Rays, and Dodgers.

NFTs are digital assets that are created for showcasing different digital assets like art, games, music, and video. Through this collaboration, they aim to help the creators understand the NFT technology and learn how they can harness public blockchains to produce and sell digital goods. Visa will be providing an open application process that will be selecting a group of creators, sponsoring the group, and offering them consultation services so that they can navigate through the world of traditional payment infrastructure of cryptocurrencies. Also, they will be helping develop the relationship between their network of payment providers and artists. This way, creators will be able to grow their business and expand their audience base.

After retiring from baseball in 2018, Johnson started dabbling in NFTs in 2019. He will be a collaborator in this program. He believes that NFTs has given him an opportunity to build a community where people support his work. This goes beyond just liking or sharing the art. Using the guidance from the crypto community, Johnson has been able to create a business around Aku, his crypto-native character.

NFTs popularity has been increasing at a significant rate over the years. Even Burger King announced that they will be entering the world of NFT through their Royal Perks loyalty program.

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