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The Vitalik Buterin Fellowships for AI Safety Research will be launched by the Future of Life Institute.

Future of Life Institute, an organization working for charity and outreach, recently announced its Fellowship grants. The fellowship programs are in alignment with the company’s vision to ensure that technology promotes, not destructs, human welfare.

The Fellowship program has been named after Vitalik Buterin, a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrencies. Vitalik is credited for conceiving Ethereum (ETH), a blockchain technology of open-source nature. The cryptocurrency specific to Ethereum network is Ether. Ether is a popular alternative to Bitcoin (BTC).

Vitalik Buterin grants are offered for Ph.D., and postdoctoral programs.

Areas of Interest for Vitalik Buterin Fellowship

Vitalik Buterin Fellowships are granted in areas that promote existential risk safety in AI (Artificial Intelligence) research. This means these Fellowship grants are focused on research that reduces risks of human extinction, or that of extreme or permanent damage to human potential, in AI.

The Fellowship programs recognize research that realizes such risk reduction either directly or indirectly.

Vitalik Buterin Fellowship Grant Amount

Ph.D. fellowship grant offers candidates a maximum of $40, 000 for a period of 5 years (extensions may be permissible). This grant aims to cover stipend and tuition fees. An extra $10, 000 is also available to cover expenses related to research. Such expenses may include accommodating computing requirements and travel allowance.

Buterin Fellowship for postdoctoral programs are applicable for 3 years. Annual renewals may be allowed if candidates show progress. The Fellowship covers an annual stipend of $80, 000. It also includes an amount of $10, 000 for covering expenses related to research.

In addition to the monetary benefit, Vitalik Buterin Fellowship offers Fellows the valuable benefit of interactions with other researchers. Fellows can share insights through interactions at workshops.

Postdoctoral Fellowship is open to students next Fall. Ph.D. Fellowship aims to benefit students starting their program in 2022.

If you are a candidate aspiring to bring a positive difference to technological and human progress, then Vitalik Buterin Fellowship can help you reach your dream.

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