Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Voiceverse Origins NFT Sells Out 10 minutes After Launch

According to online news sources, the first voice-based NFT of the world, Voiceverse Origins, was reportedly sold out within 10 minutes after it was put on sale publicly. The Voiceverse Origins NFT collection, consisting of 8,888 NFTs, was launched on 29 January 2022, on the Ethereum blockchain. This was supposedly a rare event for the NFTs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Voiceverse NFT was founded by three members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). It was created with the aim of bringing about a change in the NFT space. Voiceverse NFTs are reportedly going to usher in a new generation of NFTs, which will enable users to have their own unique voice in the Metaverse. Holders of Voicecerse Origins NFTs can benefit from the following –

1. Using voice functionality in the Metaverse, from video calls to games and more.

2. Creating a Voice NFT using their own voice, or the voices of their families and friends (after obtaining explicit permissions).

3. Mixing numerous Voice NFTs to create a new kind of Voice NFT.

4. Customizing their Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs by adding a voice to them. This will add another layer of pseudonymity and personalization to the PFPs.

The parent company of Voiceverse, LOVO, which is based in Seoul and San Francisco, will be powering the Voice NFTs. LOVO has a stronghold in the space of AI Speech Synthesis. The startup has previously partnered with famous voice actors and celebrities like Andy Milonakis, Charlet Chung, and Jonny Cruz. With its background in the speech synthesis and AI space, the company is looking to shake things up in the crypto industry

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