Sunday, December 10, 2023

Vorto Network Platform Exhibited that AIBC Summit 2022 Event Held in Dubai

From 8-bit Nintendo consoles through the earliest PlayStations, to the global beta incarnations of PC gaming, multiplatform servers and networks have captivated their imagination via virtual realms.

Gaming was never only a pastime for them. It was the source of their motivation. They were on the cutting edge of gaming development, working with some of the industry’s biggest publishers as well as brands. This had become their universe, and they were immersed in what had grown into a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

They were on the front lines as players, putting in hours, days, weeks, even months of effort for little reward. In-game currency flooded the market as the environment changed and methods of play got more diverse, allowing for micro-transactions between the game as well as the player.

However, they felt that, in the middle of technological improvements and the bustle of game releases, the industry had forgotten about the most essential components of gaming culture.

They quickly grew tired of wasting our energy/cost in virtual worlds for no return, while the industry ate its cake and had several more baking in the oven.

The company recently attended the AIBC Summit 2022 in Dubai.

They Intended to Make the Market More Democrat

Our two companies, VZ Games as well as PD Gaming Group, united to form Vorto Gaming, believing that blockchain technology but also tokenomics will provide that chance.

They set out to develop an economy that was owned by the players and run by the players. A free-to-join community with its digital currency would lay the groundwork for a new era of gameplay mechanics that would benefit both the developer as well as the gamer.

The formula is straightforward: the more users play, the more money they make. The play-to-earn concept offers the player back control and authority. It honors their commitment to developing unique virtual locations and experiences by rewarding them financially. To be successful, users don’t have to be competitive gamers or esports celebrities.

The user only needs to spend their time in the game to reap the benefits. The goal from the start has been to offer everyday gamers a piece of the pie, and they’re almost there. At a time, one Vorto token.

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