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WageCan at CED2021

WageCan at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021


Digital Financial Services are all about convenience. The revolution for convenience began with the use of plastic money, that is a card. Furthermore, Cross border payments started utilising them heavily. Crypto Expo Dubai is all about allowing decentralised focused ideas/Companies to come together on a platform for greater innovation and the greater good. 

Crypto Expo Dubai, brings together all of the major Digital Asset management platforms together, hence we were bound to find WageCam there. 

Following Blockchain’s ideology, WageCan is a decentralised company. They have unparalleled security and payment flexibility. They also provide lower transaction costs and transparency. They have their entire strategy focused on innovation for leading asset management, distribution and payroll management.

Wagecan is heading for extensive products related to digital assets like wallets, prepaid cards, CED provided globally the largest platform to network, share and discuss their potential ideas. Wagecan has an undying commitment towards providing trustworthy products. They plan to have a steady growth via broadening their user base by entering new markets and avenues which are largely untapped. Wagecan’s ‘Prestige Performance Wealth Management Projects include: 

  1. Fixed-Rate Deposits: includes Guaranteed Capital with low risk and low threshold 
  2. Variable-Rate Deposits: This aims at maximising Fixed Deposit Gains.
  3. DeFi Mining: Wagecan also supports Defi Mining with higher yields and shorter time periods. 

WageCan also is a partner with Link Node (Pay as you go Crypto Pre-Paid Card) LuxPin ( Pre-paid Travel Card) Cybavo (Cybersecurity for digital Assets) Expressminds (Crypto Marketplace).

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