Monday, December 4, 2023

Wallex Custody Made an Appearance at the AIBC Summit in Malta

Wallex Custody is your ultimate solution for the next generation asset, custody, and protection. It is taking its custodian role to unprecedented new heights to accompany its clients in safeguarding their traditional and digital assets from uncertainties,

Along with this, it is providing new opportunities to the underserved and underbanked communities as a decisive move to adapt to the new standard concept of everyday living caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It is to be paid particular emphasis that Wallex Custody was available at the most prestigious fin-tech event in Malta, called AIBC Summit.

Wallex provides financial solutions that are compliant, regulated, and secure, allowing them to benefit from the digital transformation. Regulators watch over them, and they’re held to the same capital standards and audited like a regular financial institution.

Qualities of Wallex Custody that makes it stand out from the crowd

It has created an ecosystem that sees no boundaries to stand out from the crowd. All of your fiat currency, digital asset, and related demands are simply accessible in one place.

It provides you with a platform that allows you to enter a world where you can earn interest with access to financial opportunities, in addition to your digital assets.

Wallex Custody is yearning to enhance an innovation that strongly believes in empowerment. The Wallex as a Service platform includes everything you’ll need to create a unique product.

It serves an audience of different niches. Wallex Custody offers a free multicurrency fiat and digital asset platform with dedicated trading, asset protection, and wealth management advisors. For the Fiat and Digital Assets, Wallex Custody is your partner for payment solutions, Treasury management, accounting, and tax.

For the clients to trade, borrow, lend, and invest with you, it provides you with a secure, compliant service and marketplace. For building fintech products in compliance, banking, payments, and Whitelabel, it also serves innovators.

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