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Wallex was in Attendance at the Auspicious AIBC Malta Summit

Wallex Bank is a one-stop platform for all your trust and compliant solutions. With the unique infrastructure, it empowers the future of assets and digital assets.

Situated in East Hartford, Connecticut, United States, it aims to deliver a fantastic experience to every individual at its doorstep. It was founded in the pandemic year 2020 and flourished within a year of its initiation.

It was noticed that Wallex was present at the prestigious event in Malta called AIBC Summit. 96% of the Americans are not aware of what Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, or Defi is; Wallex tends to spread awareness among such nations.

Wallex is a digital asset and asset ecosystem. With a full range of compliant and secure services, Wallex assists individuals, enterprises, start-ups, fintech projects, and institutions in navigating the asset and digital asset economy.

How does Wallex Bank work?

Simone Mazzuca is the CEO & Founder of this fabulous website. Compliance, Banking, Payments, Investment, trade, and Financial Services for Individuals and enterprises are provided by the company; Whitelabel, API, Startup Incubator for building fintech solutions are the added offerings of the same.

It supports the most popular fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to help small businesses and fintech companies bridge the digital divide.

The top concerns of significant companies are compliance and security. Therefore, to protect the funds of the clients and long-term activity, it follows a rigid methodology so that it can be ensured for them to build trust.

The company takes immense pleasure in announcing that it has years of experience in compliance, banking, and trading to ensure that they meet the requirements of authorities, as asked by them.

With the sole mission to spread an all-in-one regulated and compliant digital transformation solution that combines with fiat and digital currencies, it has built more than 500K users on its website. It has created more than 7.4 billion turnovers.

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