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Web 3 is the Internet of the Youth


As Facebook and allied services went down for hours, many questions started to pop up around the world. The failure of any centralized system was especially highlighted by this event. A specific area of failure is created via centralized systems. When Facebook’s entire system fell down for more than five hours, this was clearly demonstrated. The technical glitch acted as a cautionary tale of how pervasive the internet really is in practically every aspect of life. Businesses, newsmakers, health personnel, and even acts of worship were all affected around the globe. Crypto enthusiasts took advantage of the chance to poke fun at the centralized social networking behemoth. The disruption just adds to the argument for decentralized solutions. It can provide greater resiliency or guarantee that consumers will be able to own their material and transfer it to a different platform at any time.

Attention is crucial in the online realm. Facebook has always utilized unscrupulous tactics to keep users plugged in, even at the price of their mental well-being and, on occasion, democracies as a whole. Promotions and bogus news are rewarded by its algorithms. It’s no surprise that Facebook is having trouble maintaining its customer base. The future may see a different kind of social media on the rise.

In this context, people are looking up at web 3 as the future of the internet. Web 3 would be an ecosystem of platforms and devices where users can self-unite according to their preferences. It won’t become an earth-shattering shock if one breaks down.

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