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Web-Based Service Paysenger Showed Up at the Crypto Expo Dubai Event

Paysenger is a web-based service that monetizes direct interactions such as chats, phone calls, and video streaming.

Users of the service will be able to contact directly with specialists, consultants, scientists, bloggers, and anybody else who is well-known in their field. Experts and influencers will be able to monetize their expertise and time, making it easy to weed out unwanted contact requests.

Paysenger is also presented in the Crypto Expo held in Dubai in the year 2022, which is known as one of the most influential events related to crypto.

Passenger Features

  • Team
  • 65 Professionals with experience in management.
  • Product
  • The product has been released and is being developed. More than 20,000 distinct people have already signed up.
  • Funds
  • Paysenger received $1.5 million in strategic investments, $0.5 million in SEED ROUND funding, and $0.5 million in FIRST PRIVATE PRESALE EGO funding.
  • Vision
  • Brands, services, and the media are all vying for their attention, which is a valuable commodity in the modern economy. As a result, paid requests have become the new communication ethic. It implies that the world needs high-quality paid interaction solutions.


  • Direct contact with well-known persons.
  • Get paid to communicate directly with others.
  • Use prepaid chat, live streams, or video calls with Paysenger to monetize your impact.
  • Profit from your incoming communications in the form of a passive income.
  • A one-of-a-kind service that elicits strong feelings.
  • Secure communication buying and selling inside the service
  • The potential to profit from the NFT that has been received


  • An additional way of making money.
  • Expanding the audience.
  • For the flow of requests, a simple financial “filter”.
  • Profit from your incoming communications in the form of a passive income.
  • Using a new sort of material to engage the audience. Co-creation with the audience is a possibility.
Cryptured Team
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