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What does blockchain technology have to do with upcoming elections in Brazil?

Governments around the world have traditionally used paper ballots to conduct elections. Some computerized voting systems have been used in recent times in some countries. However, both systems are not tamperproof even when various safety measures are adopted. Voters in many countries have doubted the election results. It has sometimes led to instability and violence. Is there some technology that can restore the confidence of voters in the election method and process?

Blockchain technology is being offered as one such solution to solve these issues. This unchangeable and distributed database streamlines the data tracking process. Transactions are recorded within the network and cannot be tampered with. The asset can be any material, such as a house, car, land, or cash; or some intangible asset, such as a patent, copyright, intellectual property, or brand.

This technology creates an affordable way to trace and secure the data. Any data shared through this network is highly reliable and traceable. There is transparency in the whole process. Initially used for bitcoin transactions, this technology has been used in many other fields for protecting data, preventing fraud, decreasing waste, and improving the efficiency of government services.

Brazil’s federal election of 2022 presents an interesting project related to this technology. The voting management authority of the country said last month it is researching blockchain technology and other methods that can be used to improve the voting system and process. The technologies being considered for this purpose include a start-to-end protocol for voting, cryptography, blockchain, and shared keys.

The goal is to make electronic voting systems more effective, financially feasible, and efficient. Blockchain voting will be used first time on such a large scale. It will provide an excellent case study to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of this technology for improving the voting process.

Cryptured Team
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