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What happens to your cryptocurrency in the event of death

Unlike your bank balance and your property, you cannot pass down your Crypto wealth as a natural process. The problem becomes even more severe if your country does not have any regulations around crypto. Since cryptocurrency is a relatively new investment vehicle, most people do not know what happens to it after you die.

Cold, or offline, storage of your coins is a viable option. All you need to do is store your physical wallet in a safe space and write your passcodes in a confidential file. On the occasion of your death, both the hardware wallet and passcodes can be transferred to the next person in line. However, the problem lies in storing this physical wallet safely. It can be very easy to lose or misplace it, since it is nothing more than a small piece of equipment.

Another problem lies in the risk of theft. In case your wallet gets stolen, you cannot retrieve the amount in it. Similarly, if your passwords get stolen, you can do very little to avoid theft. For people who have a significant amount of coins, this is a looming problem.

One good solution is to keep your physical wallet in a bank safe. Many cryptocurrency exchanges work closely to deal with the post-death situation. You need to check your exchange’s terms and conditions to understand this. No matter which approach you choose, it is always a good idea to have a plan for your cryptocurrency after your death.

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