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What is Metamortals? How is standing against Ethereum and Dogecoin?

One feature of blockchain that is beneficial to users is how it’s decentralized. Users are able to control their wealth and other assets. This is without the intervention of the government or other external agencies. When it comes to NFTs as well as meme coins, the two names that spring to mind are Ethereum and Dogecoin. But when it comes to the scenery of gaming, it’s Metamortals that’s standing out.

Metamortals, also known as MORT, is essentially a platform that combines earning, saving as well as entertainment, into one. It’s a DeFi game based on the blockchain, which allows players to enjoy a fantasy adventure experience.

Metamortals will be a play-to-earn game that’s powered by the token MORT. Gamers are rewarded with this token when they complete different tasks in the game.

Metamortals, Ethereum And Dogecoin

Ethereum is an ecosystem that is decentralized, that is used to run dapps or decentralized applications. The token ETH can also be used when conducting transactions, and buying digital assets or NFTs. Dogecoin on the 8ther hand is a meme coin that can be used in order to transfer value over the internet.

Both of these are very different from Metamortals, in that they aren’t games, but rather cryptocurrency. Metamortaks is a game where crypto enthusiasts can earn big returns while also having fun. Players can enjoy liquidity farming pools, where entertainment is provided while users also earn money.

Metamortals so create a social world that brings together people from all across the world.

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