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What is Mimblewimble exactly, and how does it work?

There is a blockchain system known as Mimblewimble, which provides for privately managed payment platforms. Mimblewimble maintains privacy by keeping no identities of every exchange made.

Under the pseudonym of Tom Elvis Jedusor, the unknown creators of Mimblewimble initiated the software to protect the assets of cryptocurrency owners. Ironically, that happens to be the French equivalent of “Voldemort”. Unlike Bitcoin, Mimblewimble, as per the creators, intends to provide continuous protection and flexibility.

Mimblewimble was first heard of in the Harry Potter series as a common tongue-tying spell used by wizards to prevent people from giving away important knowledge that is better kept in secret. Working exactly like the spell, the Mimblewimble Protocol sets a foundation for a blockchain creating numerous possibilities in regards to stability, divisibility, security, and cryptographic invisibility. The Protocol ensures that all data remains completely hidden.

Mimblewimble consists of “blinding factors” which help in concealing the private exchange in which the quantity of a specific currency that a transmitter wishes to execute is revealed. The recipient will have to select from the blinding factors which are laid down by the seller. Once the recipient chooses a suitable correlation, the act, if called genuine, is considered to be valid.

In Mimblewimble, the blinding factors must be specifically mentioned by the transmitter. It is necessary to get a confirmation in this manner to be granted complete authority to utilize the currency. Because of its strong encryption, anonymity, and flexibility, Mimblewimble is used by many crypto initiatives

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