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What Motivates Cryptocurrency Users? Speculation or Systemic Distrust?


Many traders and investors consider cryptocurrencies as a good alternate for commercial banking and fiat money. What is it that motivates these crypto users? Is it the distrust they have in regulated finance or fiat currencies? Or is it just speculation? Read on to find out answers to these questions.

Investors are not different from the general public with respect to the security concerns they have about commercial banking services or cash. The increasing demand for cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin, and ADA warrants an investigation of the characteristics, sophistication, and views of investors.

A major motivation for the creation of these digital assets was to find an alternative for commercial banking and introduce a new kind of exchange. The goal was to launch a currency that shows resistance to censorship and debasement by governments, financial institutions, and international organizations.

A study that was done on this topic concluded that the driving force for cryptocurrency has nothing to do with the regulated financial market. Cryptocurrency is not an alternative to regular finance but rather a digital speculation asset. According to the latest data, crypto investors are turning out to be like the general population, which means this currency is going mainstream.

As of now, cryptocurrency is something that continues to be used by the young population, especially well-educated investors. However, the differences with the general public have diminished over time. If the goals of crypto traders and traders in other asset categories are the same, then crypto should have similar regulations. So, it’s important that a supervisory framework and clarifying regulatory for the crypto market may benefit the industry and enable its widespread adoption.

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