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Which Bitcoin technique works best regardless of price.

Bitcoin has been the poster boy of the world of crypto since its inception. It is the most highly accepted and observed cryptocurrency out there. The biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain on the market, it constantly leads the path of innovation and maintenance.

But as BTC has lost more than 55% of its value in the last 6 months or so. Investors are pondering whether they should buy it at the dip or wait for a selloff. This is because as of now the interest rates are lower than ever.

As the price of the stable coin bottoms out, many crypto experts have said that this is the best time to get into the game and buy more. But instead of going out and buying coins at a lump sum cost, you can get better returns with “Dollar Cost Averaging”.

With DCA you can divide all your cash holdings into 12 parts. You can then buy Bitcoin every month. This way the amount of money you spend remains the same but the portion of the cryptocurrency becomes larger or smaller, depending on the coin.

Since 2017 the returns with DCA have been $163 for a $20,000 amount over the 5 years. It means that there was 200% from the consistent investments. This trend is based on the assumption that the long-term trend for BTC will be upwards with no cause for concern.

So far this has been true and as decentralized platforms gain more and more adopters. It is the best time to roll out the DCA strategy for your crypto investments.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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