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Warren Buffett’s Shocking Bitcoin Bet Supports a $1 Million.

This week, major cryptocurrency values soared.

The price of bitcoin has risen by 20% since its February low. Over the last month, the price of Ethereum has increased by 14%, BNB by 13%, Cardano by 5%, XRP by 41%, and Solana by 8%.

Nevertheless, Warren Buffett, the “Sage of Omaha,” is secretly warming to cryptocurrency. According to a recent Berkshire Hathaway filing, the company sold its shares in Visa and Mastercard and invested $1 billion in a crypto-friendly NEObank.

That’s a significant change of heart for the world’s most vocal crypto skeptic. “I don’t even have any cryptocurrencies and I never will,” he remarked in 2020, adding, cryptocurrencies essentially have no value as well as they don’t generate anything.

Buffett’s U-turn points to a tipping point in institutional crypto adoption, which could send demand (but also prices) soaring in the years ahead.

Extending the view

Buffett made investments in the 1940s and also has amassed a personal wealth of well over $100 billion as a result of his stock-picking prowess. Midas as well as his sidekick Charlie Munger believe in “value investing,” or discovering attractively-priced treasures that other investors have ignored.

Both Buffett, as well as Munger, have mocked bitcoin in the past. Buffet called it “rat poison squared,” while Munger claimed that cryptocurrency trading is “simply dementia.”

Buffet hasn’t made a direct interest in bitcoin, and he has increased Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in Nubank, Brazil’s largest fintech bank and a popular destination for bitcoin investors. And you would still not bet on a crypto-heavy company unless you were optimistic about it.

Additionally, Buffet may not be the only major investor who has changed his mind.

Furthermore, institutional investors’ growing favorable attitude toward bitcoin shows that it is approaching the mainstream and may be able to challenge gold as a contemporary store of wealth.

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