Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Why are gamers not in favour of NFTs?

Assets like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the latest buzz around the world. Artists, Software developers, businessmen – everyone’s coming ahead and exploring this rich area. But one group is not very happy with the growing power of NFTs – the gaming community.

The issue faced by gamers

The prime issue that gamers have conveyed is the further commercialization of gaming. Gaming is an immersive experience that is rewarding and connecting. With technologies growing, gaming has become more dynamic – focusing on the user experience. Gamers claim that NFTs disrupt this ecosystem. NFTs are digital creations and thus can further monetize every aspect of gaming.

There are rumors of how the big gaming giants will ask for more money through NFTs. There would be more status comparison. Players might be asked to buy and sell NFTs at different levels of the game. This might undermine the actual achievement or the gaming skill of the player.

Additional Reasons

Another reason cited by the gaming community is the negative impact of crypto mining on the environment. It is indeed a heavy investment and has a huge toll on the environment. Gamers are also worried about online scams. Online gaming – buying and selling – already was a lot in the news due to Bitcoin Application Software. Payments and rewards in bitcoin disrupted trust and enjoyment. Similar repercussions are expected due to NFTs.

Gamers ask NFTs to be separate from gaming – an altogether separate entity with their own functioning model. The cohesion of gaming and these digital creations are likely to be a hindrance in the artistic flow of game creators and ruin the gaming experience for the player.

Cryptured Team
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