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Why blockchain should be “invisible” in P2E gaming, KBW 2022.

P2E or play-to-earn games have been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years. Many Asian countries are showing an increasing interest in Web3 gaming as players are easily receiving a passive income for the hours they spend gaming. The advent of NFTs in gaming has been welcomed especially by Generation Z around the world. These games have an edge over PC and mobile games due to their monetary angle. Following suit, a visionary in the city of Seoul, South Korea has come up with an innovative idea for a blockchain network that will uplift Web3-centric gaming to new heights.

An Ingenious Idea To Make P2E Go Mainstream 

Kyu Lee, the President of the famous digital gaming company Com2uS spoke in an interview about the rejuvenation he has planned for blockchain gaming with this project. They have devised a form of P2E gaming that is going to emphasize true “freedom” in terms of both playing and ownership. They analyzed that such a model was more of a hit with their gamers than the traditional kind with time-consuming processes for opening accounts and wallets to play NFT games. So they have built a new model which retains the original P2E intention but vastly simplifies the crypto token-earning process. He also opined that a lot of these games tend to prevent uninitiated users who might be potentially willing to play crypto games.

They will be focusing on improving the gaps in existing Web2-based infrastructure to pave the future of Web3 gaming and technologies. Lee said that a big mistake most companies tend to make is hyper-focusing on selling blockchain tech and providing subpar gaming content to their users. According to him, providing quality games and ensuring the “invisibility” of blockchain tech will go a long way in naturally attracting even non-cryptocurrency users to these games. The game firm has already put out a bunch of games based on this principle and is set to release more in the next few months. Perhaps what Com2uS has in store for crypto gaming is exactly the push. The public needs wide-scale adoption of blockchain gaming.

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